Salem Witch Trials


Statistical Analysis of the Accused

Salem was at the heart of the witch trials of 1692 but did you know that it wasn't even the town with the greatest number of accusations? No. That was Andover. However, it was Salem that took it to historically tragic lengths. On this page you will find the accused, broken down by the town in which they were accused.

By Town
Town Number
Amesbury 1
Andover 42
Beverly 5
Billerica 2
Boston 1
Boxford 1
Charlestown 2
Chelmsford 1
Gloucester 7
Haverhill 5
Ipswich 1
Lynn 5
Malden 3
Manchester 2
Marblehead 1
Reading 4
Rowley 4
Rumney Marsh 1
Salem Town 12
Salem Village 26
Salisbury 1
Topsfield 7
Unknown 3
Wells, Maine 1
Woburn 2


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