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John Proctor Biography

  • John was a native of Ipswich, Massachusetts and moved to Salem Town in 1666.
  • Upon his father's death, he inherited a share of a profitable estate.
  • He was a wealthy landowner and owned a tavern on Ipswich Road.
  • He was known to be very outspoken and to have a hot temper--traits which did not help him during the trials.
  • John was the first male to be accused a witch in Salem.
  • He publicly supported and defended his third wife, Elizabeth, when she was accused and tried for witchcraft.
  • He was sternly opposed to the witchcraft trials, and was 60-years-old at the time of his arrest.
  • At his execution, he pleaded for more time because he was not fit to die (he felt he had not made peace yet with others and God.)
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