Salem Witch Trials


Martha Carrier

  • She was arrested upon the complaint of Joseph Holton and John Walcott.
  • Four of her five children were taken with her to jail.
  • Her eight-year-old daughter, Sarah, admitted to being a witch since she was six. She told the court that her mother baptized her a witch in Andrew Foster's pasture.
  • Richard and Thomas Carrier also confessed to witchcraft, and blamed their mother for making them witches. Numerous others confessed that she also made them witches.
  • Martha denied the charges of witchcraft and making others witches.
  • She spoke her mind freely on her feelings of the Court of Oyer and Terminer and its methods.
  • The Rev. Francis Dane spoke in her defense and stated that she was a victim of gossip.
  • Almost 10 years after her hanging, her surviving family was paid 7 pounds and 6 shillings in restitution for her death.
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